Abyssinian Seed Oil, Unrefined


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100% pure unrefined Abyssinian seed oil.

Are you looking for an exotic oil that is excellent for topical use AND holds a shelf life? We suggest giving Abyssinian seed oil a try!

The composition of this oil is said to be unique in its chemistry. Whereas most oils are heat sensitive and begin to break down when the temperature goes up, this oil is highly stable. That doesn’t mean it won’t ignite on the stove (it’s still an oil). The precious components within are not as heat-sensitive, ensuring the benefits stay in your formulation even after the “cooking” stage has occurred. Another notable feature is that Abyssinian oil holds a long shelf life and is not prone to going rancid on the shelf or within a recipe.

Abyssinian seed oil is easily absorbed through the skin layers. It will not sit on the surface of your skin like some heavy oils do. It is a great candidate for morning facial creams or body lotions designed to sink in quickly. You can also try superfating (reducing Lye content to neutralize soap) your cold process soap with a bit of this oil.

Tip: Keep a small spray bottle of this oil in your bathroom. Upon exiting the shower or bath, give yourself a light spray overall, and gently rub in. Your skin will feel fantastic for hours!

This oil is unrefined, meaning it has not been chemically treated. It holds it’s natural deep color and nutty scent.

INCI: Crambe Abyssinica (abyssinian) Seed Oil

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100% Pure and Natural

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Cold Pressed, Unrefined Virgin

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