Beeswax Pastilles, Yellow


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Used in various cosmetic formulations, Beeswax Pastilles, Yellow makes an excellent emulsifier. It can be used in candle and bar soap recipes to assist with a harder finished product. Used in body creams and salves it will lend its healing benefits and create a smooth, thick consistency. Practically insoluble in water, it forms a protective barrier between your skin and the environment.

Have you ever tried cutting beeswax blocks before?  It’s truly a near-impossible task!  With that in mind, these “beads” are so much easier to work with, as they are uniform in size, making them a snap to weight and melt. This version holds its natural yellow beeswax color.

TIP:  To create a good emulsion system with beeswax, sometimes the addition of borax really helps.

INCI: Beeswax

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