Black & Dark Brown Henna Mix

Henna powder is a natural alternative to chemical hair tints.


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Henna powder is a natural alternative to chemical hair tints. It comes from the leaves of a North African shrub.

This is a blend of of dark brown & black henna for those of you brunnettes who want just a bit more deeper color, but don’t want to commit to full blown black hair.

How it works: Henna covers each strand of hair. The shade of Henna is reflected through the hair while enhancing your hair’s natural color. Henna is also a wonderful natural conditioner, the cuticle is smoothed by Henna’s sealing action, giving hair a healthy glow look. Because the cuticle is tight and flattened, the hair is protected from atmospheric conditions such as sun damage. Regular use of Henna will add texture to your hair, giving it more body … and the longer you use it on your hair, the more evident the changes will be.

You may apply this henna every 4-6 weeks. Because the color blends so naturally and fades gradually, there is never a noticeable regrowth area. The color will last approximately 4 – 6 weeks.

How to choose which type of Henna to use: Select your natural hair color below to see what this type of Henna will do for your hair.

This color is NOT recommended for blond, red or light brown hair tones.

Each purchase receives a detailed instruction on how to use this product and tips for success.


This henna is free of PPD (p-Phenylenediamine is a chemical often found in black henna sold in the tattoo industry).


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