Brown Jojoba Beads


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These Brown Jojoba Beads will bleed a medium brown color into your finished product, depending upon the ratio you use.  You can opt to melt them into your formulations, or you can sprinkle them into formulations such as body scrubs, for eye appeal.

Jojoba is often considered an oil because it’s liquid at room temperature. But this is technically not true, jojoba is really a soft wax – and shouldn’t be considered an oil at all. If you take jojoba and put it in even a slightly cold room, over time, you will see that it hardens into a scoopable wax. To achieve jojoba beads, which are 100% solid jojoba wax, the manufactures simply remove some of the soft wax components, thus leaving only the solid parts behind. The harder wax is then broken into pieces and rolled into tiny jojoba “beads.”

These beads are extremely small, and easy to weigh. They melt quickly, and make an extra special addition to dry recipes like bath salts! And speaking of baths – because they disperse so easily I have used them directly in the tub … amazing!

For recipes where they will be melted into the oil phase, they will help assist with a slightly firmer finished product, depending upon the ratio added.

Size: 50 mesh.

INCI: Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) beads (and) iron oxide

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