Chlorophyll, Liquid

When added to soap recipes a lovely pale green color will be achieved. Food grade.


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Chlorophyll, liquid is the green coloring matter of plants, which plays an essential part of the plants photosynthesis process. When added to soap recipes at trace, a pale green color will be achieved. For a deeper green, dissolve the lye directly into your chlorophyll instead of water or substitute the chlorophyll for any part of the water to lye solution. Bonds best to olive and soybean oil. For melt & pour soap base, simply add drop by drop to melted soap until the desired color is achieved.

Also can be used as a deodorizing ingredient in homemade antiperspirant.

This item is “food grade” quality and can also be used as a supplement. To use this way, add 1 tablespoon to a glass of water and drink in the morning and at bedtime. This chlorophyll is derived from either alfalfa or mulberry leaves.

INCI: chlorophyll

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