Collagen Powder, Marine Derived (Water Soluble)

Collagen Powder, Marine Derived (Water Soluble).


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Collagen Powder, Marine Derived (Water Soluble).

In layman’s terms, collagen would be explained as the glue that holds our connective tissue together and provides our skin with that youthful-looking appearance.  As we age, our naturally occurring collagen levels begin to decline which leads to “older looking” sagging skin. You can try taking our marine-derived collagen powder internally as a supplement. Or even add it to cosmetics, which helps offset the aging process.

There are many types of collagen on the market: bovine, porcine, marine, and even plant-based alternatives like our liquid keratin protein that we offer as a vegan alternative to collagen. To add to the list, there are also powdered and liquid versions, as well as oil-soluble and water-soluble.  There isn’t much research out there on the “best form” of collagen to use, so it’s more of a personal choice and what one feels comfortable with taking internally or applying topically to their skin.  For us, we selected high-grade, pure marine collagen made from fish scales.  It is in an easy-to-use powdered form, has no scent or taste, and is water-soluble.

For Formulators:  Add Collagen Powder, Marine Derived (Water Soluble) at 0.5% to 3% of the water phase of a formulation.  This product holds no scent and can be blended into cold formulations with a lot of agitation or cut your work time down by adding it to warm/hot water. Noticeable results with continued use in lotions, creams, and other formulations designed to stay on the skin.  For hair care, collagen can be added to shampoos, conditioners, or both.  It will help strengthen the hair shaft as well as impart a healthy glow.

100% Pure, no additives.

INCI:  Collagen


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