COSO Emulsifier


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In the ongoing pursuit of offering naturally derived emulsion systems, our COSO emulsifier is yet another one that complies to those “green” standards and the marketplace seems to be craving in their skincare formulations. Derived from olive’s, this emulsion system can be used as a stand alone system of creating a stable emulsion between oil and water. Its finished texture is a smooth lotion or cream, that holds a non-tacky presentation which is shelf stable.

Easy to use, simply add and melt with your oil phase and blend as normal. From our testing it seems quite compatible with all the preservatives we carry, though we have not tested it yet with Cosmocil CQ. It holds well against the addition of alpha-hydroxies, as it tolerates a wide pH range of 3 to 12.

Usage ratio: 3 to 8%

INCI: Cetearyl Olivate (and) Sorbitan Olivate

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