Cyclomethicone is a synthetically produced cosmetic oil commonly called a silicone oil.


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Cyclomethicone is a synthetically produced cosmetic oil commonly called a silicone oil.  These types of oils are often used in skin care products because of their ability to leave both skin and hair feeling smooth and lubricated with little to no greasy or “tacky” residual. Because the molecules of this oil are too large to enter our pores, it simply lays down a thin, emollient barrier that hydrates the surface layers of our skin. Similarly, it is also not absorbed into hair which makes it highly useful in no-rinse styling aides such as “fly away” hair oil, hair extension moisturizers, detanglers, etc.

According to The Dermatology Review, “cyclomethicone is also believed to aid in the rejuvenation of skin where acne scars were present and is currently being tested for the affect it may have on psoriasis.”  It is non-comedogenic, which means that it won’t clog pores.

We careful research the ingredients that we use inside our bases that we manufacture. One website that we use is the otherwise known as Skin Deep. On their database this item is ranked as a “green” ingredient with an associated toxicity of 2 (they use a scale of 0-10).

The manufacturer states this product is to be used at a ratio of anywhere between 1% and 95%.

To use: Add to your oil phase.  This product is oil soluble and will not blend with water without an emulsifier.  Flash point: 171 F.

INCI: Cyclomethicone


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