Dead Sea Mud, Hair Masque: Extra Rich


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Just like our face masque line, the base ingredient of our hair masques start with high quality Dead Sea Mud that has been imported from Israel. This mud makes a great base for our Dead Sea Mineral Line, because its packed full with naturally occurring ancient minerals. To that mud base, we add a host of ingredients that are designed to hydrate, strengthen and make your hair look and feel fuller. We’ve found that this product works for all hair types, even colored hair. Results will vary, though, depending upon your hair type and how damaged or not damaged your hair is.

Quick and easy to perform on yourself, it only takes a few extra minutes in the shower or tub. Recommended usage is two times per week. We send easy to follow directions with each purchase.


* Dead Sea Mud – containing high amounts of minerals and nutrients.
^ Virgin Coconut Oil – one of the best oils known for topical use. Not only does it gently cleanse the skin, but soothes and pampers as it assists with fine line reduction.
^ Henna Powder (Neutral) – Henna is a wonderful natural conditioner, and cuticle sealer. Because it coats each hair strand, it makes it feel thick and strong – giving volume.
^ Aloe Juice – Besides the benefit of healing scalp related issues (like dandruff), aloe has also been linked to hair regrowth.
* Bentonite Clay – Will gently pull the surface toxins from your upper skin layers and hydrate your hair follicles.
* Panthenol DL – Or the common name of vitamin B5. This is a great additive for its ability to sit on the surface layers of the skin, reducing the appearance of small lines and wrinkles.
* Collagen – As we age, our skin loses our natural collagen, thus we see lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Topical use of collagen has been shown to temporarily reduce those appearances.
* Amber Extract – A tremendous skin softening agent, amber extract comes from ancient trees. It contains naturally occurring anti-oxidant agents.
* Vitamin E – Anti-oxidant, and skin healing – adding vitamin E to any beauty care recipe is a topical benefit that is absorbed thru the surface of skin.
* Wheat Protein – A moisturizing additive from a natural source, wheat germ protein helps reduce the visible signs of the ongoing aging process.
* Silk Amino Acids – Another skin softening and toning agent.
* Preserved with: Leucidal, radish root ferment.

(*) Denotes a certified organic ingredient.

Please note this product is unscented by design so that it won’t “scent conflict” with your normal shampoo and conditioners. There is a slight coconut scent which comes from the extra virgin coconut oil in the formulation, and a light “earthy” scent that comes from the mud, but nothing that will stay after its been shampooed out.


2oz. 8oz. and 1 pound size are nicely packaged in tub-proof, plastic containers.

All other sizes are designed to be repacked by small business owners and sold under their own trade names.  They are packaged in bulk, plastic containers.

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