Dead Sea Mud

From the shores of Jordan, comes this dead sea mud. It can be used to make masques, wraps, or an additive for soaps.


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From the shores of Jordan, comes this Dead Sea Mud, packed with all the benefits that the dead sea has to offer. It can be used to make masques, wraps, or as an additive for soaps. Because of the high amounts of naturally occurring sodium chloride, magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride, and bromides – we feel you will be well pleased with this mud as a base ingredient for your own spa line, or simply use it as-is. We use this as a base for our in-house mud line that we manufacture, and we love it!

Our dead sea mud contains zero preservatives, so when formulating with it, you must keep this in mind. You may either add a preservative of your choice to your finished product or add it directly to the mud. You can refrigerate it (to help prolong the life) but it will become hard and difficult to work with until it comes back to room temperature. And always remember when dipping into it, to use well sterilized tools so as not to introduce a bacteria into the base.

Please note this product comes to you already “wet” (remember its mud after all). It’s not like a powdered clay that you have to add water to in order to use it.

Cultivation: 100% pure and natural – however this item doesn’t meet requirements for being USDA certified organic because it was not “grown in a field.” Items such as naturally occurring clay and salt cannot be certified organic – even if they are completely natural. If it were possible then this item would be certified.

INCI: Sea Silt (Dead Sea Mud), (and) Sea Water (Dead Sea Mineral Water)

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