Emulsifying Wax

This easy to use wax is widely used in the production of lotions, creams, hair conditioners and more. It allows the user to create a stable emulsion between oil and water. Vegetable derived.


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Used to create a stable emulsion, making it possible to mix oil with water. This wax is mild, provides excellent stability, and is easy to use. With this wax, you can create your products texture to your own liking.  It is also a skin conditioner as it holds a high percentage of fatty acids which will lend skin conditioning properties to your finished product.

Works great as a stand alone emulsifier or use in combination with stearic acid.

This wax is vegetable based.

Suggested ratios: (lotions) 3-5%, and (thick creams) 6-10%

INCI: Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Polysorbate 60

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