Energy, Bath Salts

A lot of companies sell bath salts, but we invite you to read through our ingredient list … you can see and feel the difference in the additives that we use.


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Energy Bath Salts.

A lot of companies sell bath salts, but we invite you to read through our ingredient list which is posted below … you can see and feel the difference in the additives that we use. Whereas most companies blend with salts and maybe one or two additives, we add a whole host of ingredients that are guaranteed to leave your skin feeling soft, nourished, and supple! Try some Energy Bath Salts today for personal use, or gift-giving. Another option is to buy in bulk and resell them under your own business name inside your own creative packaging.

None of the salts inside our blends have been refined, bleached, or otherwise altered.

* Dead Sea Salt – Contains the following minerals:

  • Sodium chloride (assists with lymphatic fluid balance)
  • Magnesium (combats stress by slowing the nervous system)
  • Potassium (energizes the body and balances skin moisture)
  • Calcium chloride (increases circulation and prevents water retention)
  • Bromides (eases muscle stiffness)

* Epsom Salt – provides soothing relief from minor arthritic pain and reduces stiffness and soreness of the joints while deeply cleaning the pores of your skin.

* Pacific Sea Salt – an invigorating and very effective exfoliant, polishing your skin to glowing!

* Utah Salt, Unrefined – contains a high amount of naturally occurring minerals and nutrients that assist with skin toning, as well as relaxing sore muscles.

* Himalayan Pink Salt – contains ancient minerals and nutrients, that further assist toning, and deep pore cleansing. This salt also adds stunning eye appeal!

* Dendritic Salt – we add this type of salt so that the scent is retained and held longer inside the product, lending a stronger shelf life for scent value.

* Celtic Sea Salt – these add a unique color and design which have been created by nature.

^ Colloidal Oatmeal – Everyone knows of the skin healing benefits of oatmeal. This version simply disperses through the water with ease, creating an instant oatmeal effect.

^ Coconut Powder – Reduces inflammation, supports tissue healing and repair as well as being one of the best skin softeners that can be found in nature.

* Panthenol DL – Or otherwise known as vitamin B5, this is another skin-softening agent, designed to hold moisture to the skin, even after leaving the tub.

^ Evaporated Cane Sugar – A unrefined sugar that is coarse grain in size – it’s a sweet, skin softener that melts slowly – giving a long-lasting bath.

* Jojoba Beads – A solid version of jojoba, pressed into very small beads. They melt quickly and disperse through the tub as an invisible layer of skin-oh-so-soft!

* Rhassoul Clay – While detoxing your body, this clay will cleanse, soften and pull impurities from your body.

* White Kaolin Clay – Stimulates blood circulation while gently exfoliating & cleansing your skin.

^ Lemon Peel Powder – Astringent benefits that will cleanse your pores and help tighten them.

^ Orange Peel Powder – Very similar to lemon peel powder, this additive will also donate a splash of essential vitamin C.

^ Lemongrass Powder – Another key cleanser within this blend, lemongrass is astringent and a natural skin clarifier and toner.

^ Hibiscus Powder – We add this herb for two reasons, it’s a beautiful natural colorant, and contains anti-inflammatory and skin toning benefits.

* Essential Oil Blend – Pink Grapefruit, ^ Lemon, ^ Rosemary, ^ Bergamot, Clary Sage, ^ Lemongrass, Geranium Rose, Frankincense, and Ylang Ylang

(^) denotes a certified organic ingredient.  This product is made with 78% certified organic ingredients.


Trial Size: When ordering this size, you will receive (2) of the 3oz. baggies.

2 Pound gift sack: Two pounds of product, either in a white kraft bag or a Holiday Sack.  Both come with a wooden scoop.

Sizes over 2 pounds, will be shipped in zip lock baggies.


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