Grape Seed Oil, Conventional

Grape seed oil is quickly absorbed through the skin, making an excellent choice for hand & body lotions, creams and bath products. Our oil is cold pressed, 100% pure and food grade.

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Grape Seed Oil, Conventional.

Not all grape seed oil is created equally. Most suppliers sell solvent extracted versions because it’s cheaper and more cost effective to produce.  The solvent used (hexane) is then removed by yet another chemical process, significantly reducing the color, taste and quality.  Our grape seed oil is cold and expeller pressed, which produces the highest quality oils.

This Grape Seed Oil, Conventional, contains a high amount of linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that is a component of vitamin F.  What exactly is vitamin F good for?  Well, it’s this vitamin that our bodies need for normal growth and behavior of healthy cell membranes, and it promotes a well-balanced hormone level and properly working immune system.  Now it makes sense why so many cook with grape seed oil!

Topically, grape seed oil is quickly absorbed through the skin layers, which is one reason why so many people use this oil in their hand & body lotion formulations.  It also makes one heck of a natural eye-make up remover!

It’s food grade quality so it can also be used in the kitchen as well! Many people have found the health benefits of using grape seed oil for their baking & frying needs.

INCI: Vitis vinifera (grape) seed Oil


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