Himalayan Salt, Medium


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Direct from the salt beds of the Himalayan Mountains, this is one of the most beautiful salts I have ever seen! People who formulate bath scrubs claim that using these within their blends do make a difference, both in eye appeal as well as the therapeutic benefit. Since these salts are a variable color of pink, that will be passed into your salt blend. They also contain a high amount of naturally occurring minerals and nutrients, that assist with skin toning, as well as relaxing sore muscles.

This is a medium sized grain. Food Grade, so it can be used in cooking as well as body care.

Please note that naturally occurring salt cannot be “certified organic” in the USA.  The term “organic” is reserved for items that are grown in a field under organic supervision.  Our natural sea salts are 100% pure, but since it doesn’t meet the FDA’s requirement of being field grown, its not certifiable.  If it were possible, we would have this item marked as organic.

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