Iodopher Sanitizer


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Move over bleach, and bring in the Iodophor!  This product is NOT a preservative per say, but rather its used to disinfect bottles, jars and tools and everything else that comes in contact with your formulations during the manufacturing process.  We feel this is a must have in any sort of manufacturing business designed to sell products to the outside world.

In the ongoing challenge of keeping your products fresh and “clear” from mold and bacteria, Iodopher will help you get off to a great start. This is a “no-rinse” sanitizer that is designed from iodine technology, and will not pass a flavor or scent into your products.

Usage ratio is 0.1 oz. per gallon of water that is designed to be your sanitizer bath.  Its a simple process of soaking your tools, bowls, jars, etc. for about 2-3 minutes in the cold/iodopher water, and your finished.  No additional rinsing should be performed, since your tools / jars are now considered sterile. Please note that this product is extremely concentrated, and dark in color – just like natural iodine.  It must be diluted to the instructions on the bottle in order not to stain your plastic bottles.

Approved for organic formulations, and suitable for use in restaurants to sanitize dishes.

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