Lecithin, Sunflower

Lecithin is a natural antioxidant, emollient and thickener used to make a variety of beauty care products such as, eye creams, lipsticks, liquid powders, hand creams, and soaps.


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Lecithin Sunflower is a naturally occurring antioxidant and emollient used to make a variety of beauty care products such as, eye creams, lipsticks, liquid powders, and hand creams.  Fat molecules are made up of a certain percentage of lecithin, which when consumed in the foods we eat – that lecithin helps our bodies break down fat.  This is one out of the many reasons why some people take this liquid as a dietary supplement.

For cosmetics, lecithin helps bind oils and water together but it’s generally not reliable as a stand-alone emulsion system. Used in conjunction with other emulsifying agents, like our SCG, emulsifying wax, or even lanolin and/or beeswax we think you will like the results quite well!  Lecithin is a highly sticky product, and it’s nearly impossible to wash off your tools and equipment, yes, it is … that … sticky.  When used in lotion and cream formulations, it becomes quite diluted down from the other ingredients, and imparts a fine nourishing film that penetrates the skin layers and assists with creating a firm emulsion system.

Use at a ratio of up to 10% of the oil phase of the recipe. Heat with this phase of the recipe.

Food grade, this item can be used in cosmetics as well as food.

INCI: Lecithin (from sunflower. This lecithin contains NO soy.)  GMO-FREE.


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