If you are marketing your products in the “naturally derived” field, Linatural preservative is approved for that!


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Based on naturally derived science, this Linatural preservative is highly effective without compromising health issues. It’s a paraben-free preservative which means it won’t release formaldehyde into your finished product like paraben-based preservatives do.

A clear liquid that is miscible with water, it’s considered a broad-spectrum preservative meaning is effective against gram negative pathogens, bacteria, yeast, and fungi. You can use this preservative in any formulation pH range of 3 – 7. Above the 7 marker, this preservative shouldn’t be used. Usage guidelines are 0.5 – 2.0% of your water portion of your recipe. It holds no scent and is clear in color.

If you are marketing your products in the “naturally derived” field, this preservative is approved for that! The components that make up this preservative are as follows:

Propanediol: Is the 1st component within this preservative system. This ingredient can be either synthetically produced or natural … the version that is inside this blend is the naturally derived version. It comes from non-GMO corn, it is approved by Eco-Cert, NPA, Health Canada and USDA as a bio-based – all-natural derived preservative which is also Kosher certified. This ingredient can be synthetically produced – and that is not the type that is in our formulation.

Ethylhexyl glycerin: The 2nd component within the Linatural preservative system. It is derived from glycerin, just as the name sounds. It provides an added benefit over being a preservative as a skin conditioner. This ingredient has shown to be effective as a paraben-based preservative but contains ZERO parabens.

Potassium Sorbate: The 3rd component within the Linatural system – this last additive is widely used in certified organic foods like salsa, and other aquatic based foods that tend to mold easily.

INCI: Propanediol (and) ethylhexyl glycerin (and) potassium sorbate


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