Magnesium Stearate


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Magnesium stearate makes a very useful additive to many cosmetic recipes — especially if you are looking to make a pressed mineral blusher, foundation, or eye shadow, this is said to be a great additive to give your finished product that firm, yet silky-smooth presentation. It has the ability to repel water, and absorb significant amounts of oil — which is another skin-related benefit for foundation bases.

Magnesium stearate tends to make a somewhat “dull” presentation (appearance-wise), so you will need to counterbalance this in your formulation by adding sericite, which we also offer on our website. It does lend a slight skin softening benefit due to the natural “stearic” that is found within it. Even though this powder looks fully white in color, it goes on almost clear when applied to the skin.

This product can also be added to the oil phase of recipes such as creams, hair pomades, and salves. The addition of this product will act as a thickening agent, as it “absorbs” oil.

The usage ratio is 3 – 10%. This product is created when magnesium has been added to stearic acid. It’s fully vegetable-derived.

INCI: Magnesium Stearate

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