Murumuru Butter, Unrefined


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Grown, cultivated, and pressed in Brazil, our Murumuru Butter is unrefined. This ensures that this product will provide all the skin benefits that the Murumuru nut holds. Murumuru Butter, Unrefined’s texture is somewhat similar to cocoa butter but readily melts on the skin with a bit of body heat and light rubbing.  Since our product is unrefined, it will hold its natural scent.  I would classify it as nutty with a slight milky coffee scent.

Murumuru butter is fabulous for improving hair flexibility and eliminating that frizzy-dried-out presentation. Those with Afro-ethnic hair or coarse thick hair will benefit the most from using it as a direct application. It can also be applied directly to the skin and is considered a non-comedogenic oil.

For formulators, try this as a cocoa butter substitute or add it into a formulation where a bit of body is desired.

INCI: Astrocaryum murumuru (murumuru) butter

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