Orange Butter


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Wow, what a butter! With its natural orange tone and medium orange scent, it’s sure to be a pleaser in creams, lotions, and bar soaps! This butter is derived from a combination of organic orange peel oil and wax from USA-grown oranges. Then its infused into an organic palm oil base, to lend body and texture.

This oil contains high levels of Limonene, which has been found to be a highly effective free radical scavenger. This means, that this butter contributes a cleansing and toning effect on the skin and can improve oily skin types, even those with acne-prone issues. The waxy part of orange butter contains Bioflavonoids which have shown to hold anti-cellulite and anti-inflam­matory benefits for the skin.

Please note that this butter is a brilliant orange, and should be taken into account for formulation reasons if color is an issue. Because it contains citrus oils, it can be a photosensitizer, which means wearing it out in the direct sunlight for prolonged amounts of time, which might cause a skin reaction or sunburn.  When worked into formulations, we feel this generally isn’t a huge issue but for labeling purposes, you might want to add that to your product – if it’s designed to be sold.

INCI:  * Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Oil, * Elaeis Guineensis (palm) oil

(*) denotes a certified organic ingredient.


This product is packed in either a jar or bucket, depending upon the size ordered.

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Certified Organic, Non-Irradiated, GMO Free

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Cold Pressed

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