Pau d’ Arco C/S

Not only does Pau d’ Carco C/S lend a nice mocha brown colorant to your soaps and cosmetic care recipes, but the topical use for this herb shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Not only does Pau d’ Arco C/S lend a nice mocha brown colorant to your soaps and cosmetic care recipes — but the topical use for this herb shouldn’t be overlooked. Calming and soothing, this bark is recommended for the prevention and healing of psoriasis and other similar related skin issues. To use, simply steep in warm water or oil, and use the retained “juice” within your recipe.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center:  Scientists have identified two active chemicals in Pau d’ Arco. These chemicals are called naphthoquinones: lapachol and beta-lapachone. In lab tests, these chemicals killed some types of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites, and both chemicals showed anti-inflammatory properties.  This is great news when considering this herb for a topical application!  I bet Pau d’ Arco C/S, when combined with something like witch hazel, would make one excellent anti-inflammatory product!

This herb can be made into a tea, but it should be kept at a low ratio when consumed because large (internal) doses can be toxic. Seek advice from a medical professional for more details.  It is also said not to take internally when on blood thinners.

Cultivation: Wild harvested.  This means that this plant material was found in areas that were not from a farmed plantation, most often well away from highly populated areas, making it an extremely nil risk of being chemically treated.  In our opinion, wild harvested products are sometimes better than organic, because it was grown entirely by nature without the intervention of mankind.

INCI: Tabebuia impetiginosa (pau D’ Arco) bark


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