Pink Shimmer Ultramarine Colorant, Liquid

The color that will be achieved is based on how much you add. A pink with a slight shimmer, that is sure to please any pink lover you are creating products for.


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A pink with a slight “shimmer,” that is sure to please any “pink lover” you are creating products for.

Simply add drop by drop until the color depth that you desire is achieved. Works great for melt & pour soaps!

Cosmetic grade.

INCI: Glycerin (&) ultramarine.  (Yes! We use organic glycerin to manufacture these colorants, though the ultramarines cannot be certified organic … see below).

You can use this product to color any waterborne recipe, though ultramarines are not recommended in highly acidic environments such as bath bomb’s. For best results, add to the water phase of the recipe. We also sell this product in a powder version – which is easier to work with for cold process soap making if you intend to color the entire soap batch. If you are “spot coloring” your cold process soap, then this liquid version would be our recommendation. Simply add drops into your just poured soap, and with a thin knife, swirl the drops around in creative patterns.

Please note that our ultramarines iron oxides are a high quality, lab produced, synthetic colorant. They are globally compliant to be used in cosmetics sold internationally.

Iron oxides and ultramarines can be found in nature, but they are generally not safe nor approved for cosmetic use, as they often contain high levels of lead and other toxic heavy metals. Any website that claims they are selling a natural iron oxide (and not a lab produced version as ours is), should be carefully evaluated.  For more reading on this, you can visit the FDA link here:

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