Pumpkin Seed Oil, Extra Virgin


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Pumpkin Seed Oil, Extra Virgin.

Pumpkin seeds possess high levels of natural antioxidants and polyunsaturated fats.  We know that antioxidants help reduce skin damage that is caused by free radicals, thus using any sort of pumpkin product on your skin – will assist to some degree with fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.

Pumpkin Seed Oil, Extra Virgin, contains high amounts of Omega fatty acids, which are easily absorbed through the skin. These acids are key to cellular regrowth. We’ve found this oil to be an exceptional addition to under-eye creams, lotions, and, of course, directly upon the skin.  Even better, pumpkins are naturally high in vitamin E, meaning this product will hold a relatively long shelf life, and since vitamin E is extremely good for your skin, it’s a double bonus for your formulations!

Please note that we sell two types of pumpkin seed oil. This version is dark green, a color similar to extra virgin olive oil. It has not been refined in any way.

INCI: Cucurbita pepo (Pumpkin) Seed Oil

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Certified Organic, Non-Irradiated, GMO-Free

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Unrefined, Virgin, Cold Pressed

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100% Pure and Undiluted

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