Rage Away! PMS Tea Blend


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Rage Away! PMS Tea Blend is designed for women of all ages who suffer from the “monthly visit from Aunt Flo”.  All kidding aside, PMS is really no laughing matter so we have created this tea just for those times. One week before your menstrual cycle, begin drinking a cup per day and continue a few days into your cycle.  It will address night sweats, headaches, menstrual cramps, nausea, bloating, emotional unsteadiness, and breast tenderness. This tea is perfect for those who do not like caffeine.  However, if you do like caffeinated tea, I recommend purchasing a small baggie of our Gun Powder Green Tea. You can add it to this blend to give yourself a bit of a caffeine kick to get you through your day.


* Dong Quai Root, * motherwort, * raspberry leaf, * lemon verbena leaf, * vitex (chaste berry), * feverfew, * orange peel, * sage, * clove, * hops flowers, and * stevia leaves.  Caffeine Free.

(*) denotes a certified organic ingredient.

TO USE:  This is a loose leaf tea, meaning you will need a ‘tea ball’ or some other tool to infusion your tea (it is not pre-packed into single-use bags).  We recommend steeping the tea for 4 minutes. Simply sit down, put your feet up and sip slowly. When your cup is empty, you will be ready to tackle the rest of your day!  Need a sweetener for your tea?  Remember to pick up some organic, raw honey from us, because everything, even Rage Away! PMS Tea Blend is a bit better with honey.

All our teas are handmade on a per order basis. You can be assured it’s not been sitting somewhere “lifelessly” on a shelf. All sizes above the 1oz. trial size comes with a kraft, re-usable bag and a cute wooden scoop for easy product removal.  The trial size comes packed in a zip lock baggie and has no scoop included.

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Certified Organic, Non-Irradiated, GMO-Free