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Despite its strange sounding name, this product is approved for organic formulations by Ecocert standards.  SBL is a naturally derived emulsion system that is designed to blend oil and water into a harmonious blend. It contains zero surfactant-like ingredients.

How does it compare to other emulsifying systems? When tested against emulsifying wax, we determined that SBL doesn’t create that slight “waxy” feel on the skin that sometimes emulsifying wax can lend. Also most versions of emulsifying wax contain polysorbates 60 or 80, two ingredients which we at Organic Creations, seek to avoid in our cosmetics. SBL has a lower melting point, so you do not need to super heat your oil phase. This benefit is two fold in that your oils aren’t being super cooked, possibly destroying their natural benefits, and your cool down time is a lot shorter with this emulsion system – a great time saving tool!

When compared to our SCG Emulsifier – I suggest using SCG for all manners of body lotions.  Likewise, I would suggest that SBL be used in facial lotions as tends to be slightly more emollient in nature.

SBL will impart a slight “talc” like feel to your lotions, giving them a super creamy texture – more like an oil based lotion, rather than a wax-y presentation. Its also easier for the skin to absorb when compared to emulsifying wax. Depending upon the ratio used, you can create a thin lotion that is pourable, up to a thick cream that is ‘scoopable.’

Your lotion base may have a slight cream color to a very light tan, this will adjust with the ratio you decide to use, and it holds a mild scent. It can be used in conjunction with other emulsifiers and it blends well with palm stearic acid. The best environment for this emulsifier is a pH range of 5-7.5. If you will be using any sort of pH adjusters like citric acid, or lactic acid — add them after the emulsion has been created and set, otherwise your recipe may fail to achieve full emulsion.

INCI: Sodium Behenoyl Lactylate, (and) Stearyl Alcohol

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