Sea Salt, Fine Grain


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This sea salt is perfect for making salt scrubs or bath soaks. The fine grain will add a gentle, yet effective exfoliant “scrub” to your base.  Or, if chosen to add to bath soaks – it will help hold the scent for the more coarse grain salts within your blend.

For body scrubs: just add high-quality oils and your favorite scent and you’ve got yourself a wonderful scrub that will soften and “polish” your skin to give it that healthy glow.  I do recommend using a blend of several types of salts, some fine, some coarse, which would be easier on the skin when applied.

Food grade

Please note that naturally occurring salt cannot be “certified organic” in the USA.  The term “organic” is reserved for items that are grown in a field under organic supervision.  Our natural sea salts are 100% pure, but since it doesn’t meet the FDA’s requirement of being field-grown, it’s not certifiable.  If it were possible, we would have this item marked as organic.  It can, however, be sold as 100% natural.

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