Soap Petals With Essential Oils – Melt & Pour Kit

Soap Petals with Essential Oils Melt & Pour Kit.


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Soap Petals with Essential Oils Melt & Pour Kit.

Now here is a nifty idea! With this kit, you can create a one-time-use — all-natural, “petal washcloth” by dipping them into our melt & pour soap base! Please note that the reason for the cost of this kit over our Fragrance Oils kit is that this version includes precious essential oils over fragrance oils. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to this kit, check out the one that has “fragrance oils” in the item title.

Here is what you receive within this kit:

* (36) Rose Petals of various colors: light pink, medium pink, and red. (These, of course, are not real petals.)

* (1) Pound of fresh honey melt & pour soap base (see below for a list of ingredients)

* (1) 1/2 oz. of a complex blend of all-natural essential oils that create a rose blend

* (1) 1/2 oz. of neroli essential oil

* (1) 1/2 oz. of lavender essential oil

* (3) 16oz. plastic clear containers, as pictured to store your creations in (12 soap petals fit nicely inside each jar)

* (1) Coated sheet of butcher paper

* (1) Set of detailed instructions

Within about an hour, you will have created several handmade gifts that are unique and will be treasured by their receiver.

They work great in guest bathrooms when placed in a small dish, they can be used as “single-use washcloths” that are thrown away after use, or pop a few in your suitcase while traveling.

When working on the cost of shipping on this kit, you are looking at a handmade gift that when given to 3 different people would equal a total cost of $17.50 per gift. Not bad, when figuring it that way.

The ingredients for the honey melt & pour soap base are as follows: saponified oil (coconut, palm, safflower), glycerin, fresh honey, purified water, sorbitol, sorbitan oleate, and oat protein.


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