Sodium Lactate, Liquid


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When added to bar soap formulations sodium lactate will downsize the waiting time for soap to be unmolded, help produce a harder bar of finished soap and create a smooth bar by lessening the chance of the top cracking or splitting. A noticeable difference will be seen in some soap formulations, especially if your recipe consists mainly of liquid, commonly called “soft” oils.

Use at a ratio of up to 1 tsp. per pound of oils.  Add to the lye phase, once cooled.

In naturally made liquid soaps, we’ve also noticed that it can slightly help thicken some formulations.

Sodium lactate is derived from carbohydrate sugars and purified lactic acid.  It holds natural antimicrobial properties which inhibit microorganism growth.  Its also noted as being a humectant (similar to glycerin) in how it attracts and retains water to the skin, making you feel and look more hydrated.  Because of this benefit, it can be subbed in as a glycerin replacer inside lotion formulations.

INCI: Sodium lactate (and) purified water.

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