Straight Red Iron Oxide Colorant, Powder


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Simply add 1 teaspoon of Straight Red Iron Oxide Colorant Powder to a 5 pound batch of soap for either melt & pour or cold process for a “straight red” color effect. If you are working with cold process soap, you can mix this colorant directly into your lye solution once it has cooled between 80 and 100 degrees, or you can add directly after your initial blend of the lye water to the oils. Consider running your colorant thru a strainer if you add it to your oil/lye phase to avoid clumping.

You can use iron oxides to color other beauty care recipes — we also sell a water-soluble, liquid version of this colorant for ease of use.

INCI: Iron oxide

Please note that our iron oxides are a high-quality, lab-produced, synthetic colorant. They are globally compliant to be used in cosmetics sold internationally.

Iron oxides can be found in nature, but they are generally not safe nor approved for cosmetic use, as they often contain high levels of lead and other toxic heavy metals. Any website that claims they are selling a natural iron oxide (and not a lab-produced version as ours is), should be carefully evaluated.  For more reading on this, you can visit the FDA link here:

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