Violet Leaf C/S

To use topically, simply infuse Violet C/S into either warm water, or oil, allow it to steep very much like you would a tea.


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The violet plant has been used in the perfuming industry for thousands of years. What else is known of this plant, however, is that its leaves serve as nature’s remedy for anti-inflammatory issues. Herbalists recommend Violet Leaf C/S extracts as a sore throat gargle or mouth wash. Using it in this form is said to reduce pain and inflammation of gum disorders as well as throat issues.  This soothing ability comes from their high mucilage content, which is a viscous gelatin-like solution that is found in their leaves. It’s this component that lends them the ability to soothe abraded or inflamed skin tissue from just about any cause.

To use topically, simply infuse Violet Leaf C/S into either warm water, or oil — allow it to steep very much like you would a tea, strain the juice, discard the herb and use the “juice” as part of the water or oil phase in your recipe. You will basically be extracting the benefits of the violet leaf and adding them into your formulation.

INCI: Viola tricolor (violet) Leaf


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