Violet Leaf Infused Oil

Violet Leaf Infused Oil is primarily used in pain management massage rubs, or creams. Try a 50% to 50% blend of this oil with arnica for sore muscles. It works!


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Violet Leaf Infused Oil.

Anti-inflammatory by nature, violet leaves serve as a topical soothing aide for skin issues. This trait comes from their high mucilage content, which is a viscous gelatin-like solution that is found in their leaves.  It’s this component that lends them the ability to soothe abraded skin tissue from just about any cause.  When added to an oil base like this product is, it becomes a great choice for ‘pain management’ massage creams, lotions, bath oils, etc.  Try blending a 50% ratio with this and arnica oil.

We use a cold process infusion; we never heat treat our oils.  We infuse organic plant material into a first pressed, organic extra virgin olive oil to create this Violet Leaf Infused Oil. Because of the type of oil we infuse into, there is the typical (strong) scent that is associated with cold pressed olive oil – so please take that into consideration when ordering this product.

Ingredients: *Olea europea (extra virgin olive) oil (and) *Viola tricolor (violet) leaf
* Denotes Organic Ingredients

Pack Size Approx. Product Weight
1/2 gallon 3.13 lbs.
1 Gallon 7.11 lbs.
5 Gallon 38 lbs.


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Certified Organic, Non-Irradiated, GMO Free

Extraction Method

Unrefined, Virgin, Cold Pressed

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