Yucca Root C/S

Yucca Root C/S was used by Native Americans for hair loss, dermatitis issues and as a natural shampoo and soap.


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Yucca Root C/S.

Now, this is one of my all-time favorite herbs to work with! Grown throughout the US, the Native Americans used the leaves of the yucca bush for treating psoriasis, dandruff, hair loss, skin sores, and inflammation. It also contains “soap-like properties” — that is, if you get this herb wet it will lightly “suds” up and act as a very mild soap. With this in mind, it served as a decent soap, and shampoo for many of the Native Americans.

Because of its skin healing benefit, Yucca Root C/S makes a great addition to both body and shampoo bar soaps, and because it contains a slightly “sudsing” action – it will lend that to your finished product. I add 2 tbsp powder before light trace to 1 cup of soap – blend well and work back into the soap pot. If you use this whole herb, then steep in 1 cup of warm oil, strain, then use the warmed oil as part of your recipe.

Cultivation: Wild Harvested.  This means that this plant material was found in areas that were not from a farmed plantation, most often well away from highly populated areas, making it an extremely nil risk of being chemically treated.  In our opinion, wild harvested products are sometimes better than organic because it was grown entirely by nature without the intervention of mankind.

INCI: Yucca glauca (yucca) root


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