Castile Undiluted Liquid Soap Base

This is our undiluted soap paste for making your own natural liquid soaps. This soap is NOT a finished product, but rather a soap base which needs to be worked with.


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This paste is NOT a finished product, but rather a concentrated base which you can transform into a liquid castile shower gel. By purchasing paste over our pre-diluted version, you not only save on shipping fees, but you can also customize your finished product to a texture that will suit your needs.



To make 1 gallon of thick shower gel, you will need approximately 1 to 2 pounds of paste. The more paste you add, the more lather your finished soap will produce.

The 5 pound size will make well over 5 gallons of soap, making this pack size very economical and cost effective.

The process is simple: add distilled water and an optional thickening agent (neither are included with this item).  A detailed instruction sheet on how to properly dilute our soap base is sent with each order.  Once finished, you will have a product similar to our house-made Castile Extra Thick Liquid Soap Base.

Please note, the soap will be thin like water which works great in hand pumps or foaming bottles. Or consider purchasing a thickening agent to give a “shower gel” consistency to your finished product. Here is a list of thickeners that work with our soap paste:

Ingredients: * Olea europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, * Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, ^ potassium hydroxide, filtered water.

(*) denotes a certfied organic ingredient.

(^) During the soap making process, the potassium hydroxide bonds to the oils to make soap and is an ingredient that is no longer found in the finished product.  Please do not ask us to remove this ingredient, its not possible.  Without this ingredient, you cannot make this type of liquid soap.

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