Frankincense Fragrance Oil

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Our Frankincense Fragrance Oil holds a potent perfume-y scent. A little will go a long way. It works great for melt and pour soaps!

This oil is highly concentrated and undiluted. The recommended usage is 1/2 ounce per 4 lbs.

Please do not use this oil in lip balms.

INCI: Fragrance Oil

A note about fragrance oils: We at Organic Creations, Inc. strive to list all our products with an honest environment as to what they are made of.  Fragrance oils often slip through this crack on most websites because the FDA allows them to be legally listed in the ingredient section on cosmetic labels, simply as “fragrance oil” even though they are comprised of many different ingredients.

I do not seek to explain why they have this rule, you can check out this link if you are interested in their stand: Fragrances in Cosmetics

The term fragrance oil specifically means “made of synthetic ingredients”.  Manufactures will not disclose their ingredients, by law they aren’t required to.  Some manufacturers will provide information on the chemical called phthalates.  All our fragrance oils are phthalates free.


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