Bergamot EO Water

Bergamot EO Water is a scented water-soluble ingredient that can be used in soaps, lotions and other cosmetic formulations.


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We manufacture our essential waters, such as our Bergamot EO Water, with the formulator in mind. Purposefully designed as an unfinished product, EO waters act as a scented ingredient to add soaps, lotions, or other cosmetic recipes. 

For the most part, our essential waters are clear to nearly transparent, which is a benefit for those recipes where your finished product needs that type of presentation.

Customers often ask us the difference between our essential waters and our hydrosol waters. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Compared to the shelf life of hydrosol waters, EO Waters hold a slightly longer shelf life.
  • EO Waters are significantly cheaper per pound than hydrosol waters.
  • The scent of essential oil often smells truer in EO Waters than hydrosol waters.
  • EO Waters are not a finished product. They are concentrated and should be diluted into formulations. Hydrosol waters are mild and can be applied directly to the skin.
  • Hydrosol waters are organically certified, whereas our EO waters are not.
  • EO Waters are not steam distilled, but hydrosol waters are.

This sweet yet earthy scented Bergamot EO Water holds a medium scent throw. This will be passed into your water-based formulations or the water phase of your recipe.

INCI: water, decyl glucoside, (and) Citrus Bergamia (bergamot) essential oil

External Use Only.

Usage ratio: 

Replace all or part of your formulation’s water content with this ingredient. If you find your finished product is too strong, add more water or other water-soluble ingredients (like aloe vera juice).

Cosmocil CQ Addition: 

If you would like an optional preservative added to your water, please first select your bottle size, then using the pulldown menu, select “yes” under Add Cosmocil CQ. A fee will be added to your base cost.

If you would like more information on Cosmocil CQ, please visit this link.

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