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We now offer Cosmocil CQ which is a paraben-free preservative that won’t release formaldehyde into your finished product. It holds a minimal scent, is low risk for skin and eye irritation, and has been proven to show no negative side effects on the human reproductive system. Yet Cosmocil CQ still holds a punch against gram-negative pathogens, bacteria, yeast, and fungi even in high-risk products like mascaras. This product is soluble in water, glycerin, alcohol and propylene glycol, and very easy to use. Usage rate is 0.2 – 1.5%.

PLEASE NOTE: this preservative cannot be used in beeswax-borax emulsion systems nor in natural liquid soaps. It will harden, and become gooey brown.  It also appears to be incompatible with our SCG wax.

INCI: Water, polyaminopropyl biguanide

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