Bubble Bath Unscented Base

Simply add your own essential or fragrance oils (or use unscented!) – pour a few capfuls into the rushing water and relax in the knowledge that you are enjoying a tub of bubbles with no chemicals! Unscented.

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Bubble Bath Unscented Base. Providing a good tub of bubbles without all the toxic chemicals can be a bit challenging, but we believe we’ve done it! Mild and gentle, this base contains NO sulfates, alcohol, parabens, gluten nor phthalates.

This version is unscented, so you can try your creative hand at giving it your own unique scent twist by simply adding your own essential or fragrance oils at 1%. To use, pour a small amount into the rushing water and relax in the knowledge that you are enjoying a tub of bubbles with no chemicals! We’ve pH balanced this base to 5.5 and have added ingredients that are kind to the skin, so that after leaving the tub your skin won’t feel dry and stripped down. Of course, we always recommend applying lotion after exiting the tub or the shower, this helps retain moisture during the day.

The addition of essential or fragrance oils will not affect the thickness of the base, in fact they generally make the base just slightly thicker. This base is not designed to accept additional additives that are oil based — adding an oil-based ingredient to this blend will reduce the lathering ability down to zero. You can, however, add water soluble additives.

About our ingredients: we use a mild soap base that is gentle on your skin — Bubble Bath Unscented Base retains the ability to build a good tub-o-bubbles. Aloe juice is formulated in for its skin healing benefits as well as several other additives to give your skin a silky feeling during and after your bath. Finally, we preserve this base with Linatural, to ensure product safety without the worry of parabens, or toxicity issues.

Ingredients: *Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (aloe vera juice), ^ decyl glucocide, ^ laurel glucoside, *glycerin, sodium cocoyl hydrolyzed silk amino acids, honey extract, oat protein, panthenol DL, sodium alginate, lactic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, Propanediol (preservative), Ethylhexylglycerin (preservative), and Potassium Sorbate (preservative).

(*) Denotes a certified organic ingredient.

(^) Denotes an Ecocert approved ingredient.


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Made with 80% Certified Organic Oils

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