Healthy Hair Rebatch Shampoo Bar

This Healthy Hair Rebatch Shampoo Bar can be rebatched (directions will be included should you wish to use it this way) or you can use it as-is, however, please note that these bars are hand cut, and unscented.

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Healthy Hair Rebatch Shampoo Bar.

Rebatch soaps are a fairly soft bar soap that has been freshly made by us and is ready to be hand crafted by you.  Following the directions that are provided with this soap – you will learn to melt it down, (and if desired) scent it, color it, add botanicals and other additives.  It will then be poured into a mold (not provided) and once hardened, popped out and a soap bar has been designed!  Your soap will still need to “cure” for at least 2 weeks – this process is simply allowing the bar soap to air dry, and then its ready to use.

This is a fairly similar process to melt & pour bar soaps, but rebatch is a bit more labor intensive.  We feel, however, that they are worth it.  They tend to last much longer in the shower and aren’t quite as “simple” as M&P bars.  When finished, these bars are often called “hand milled” soaps.

Once completed, this Healthy Hair Rebatch Shampoo Bar soap makes a great idea for traveling (no messy bottles to leak in your suitcase!), camping, and of course daily use. It’s also more than a shampoo bar, as what can go on your hair can also be used on your body. It’s smooth and gentle to your skin and yet does a good job of cleansing and nourishing. This is a fairly hard bar, unless you design it yourself (thru rebatching) to be softer. This means that as-is, it will last quite well in the shower thru many applications.

Just how do you use a bar shampoo? Just like a normal shampoo – wet your hair, lather the bar onto your head, rinse, repeat if desired and condition if needed. At first it might seem odd running a bar over your head, but many have found they like it better than the bottled stuff!

If you will be marketing this item to a client base: shampoo bars are a great earth friendly option, they don’t require a plastic bottle, and they are lighter to ship!  These bars contain zero surfactants and are made “the old fashioned” way.  Everyone who has sampled this product has given us very positive feedback!

If you intend to use this bar for home use: you don’t HAVE to rebatch it.  It can be used as-it.  However, you should allow it to cure (sit on the shelf, exposed to air) for at least 2 weeks before using it.  Also, these bars may arrive to you in rough cut pieces and may not have a “finished bar presentation.”

Ingredients: * Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, * Elaeis guineensis (palm) oil, * Ricinus communis (castor) oil, * Helianthus annus (Sunflower) seed oil, * Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba), * Persea gratissima (avocado) oil, * Theobroma cacaococoa (cocoa) butter, * Butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, water, ^ sodium hydroxide, and ** Yucca glauca (yucca root) powder.

(*) denotes a certified organic ingredient.

(**) denotes a wildharvested ingredient.

^ Please note that when soap is made by natural methods, you MUST use sodium hydroxide.  There just isn’t really any other way to make a “soap.”  Once the bars have been made, sodium hydroxide is no longer found in them, due to the reaction it made with the oils to create “soap.”


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