Are All Your Products Organic?

We carry a wide range of certified organic ingredients.

Look for these indicators on our website:

  1. The USDA logo in the bottom left of a product image
  2. The cultivation will be stated in the description as certified organic.

See below for examples of certified organic product (left) and a non organic product (right)

usda organic

USDA Certified Peppermint Leaves C/S
USDA Certified Peppermint Leaves C/S
Titanium Dioxide
Titanium Dioxide

Do You Have A Minimum / Do you Wholesale?

We don’t have a minimum ordering policy but our shipping fees do start out based on flat rate box pricing from the USPS. This means the shipping charged on a box full of products will be more economically designed to your pocketbook than purchasing one or two items for the same shipping price.

We do have a wholesale program. Access is granted to those customers who intend or already order our wholesale pack sizes. This means if you regularly purchase products from us in the 5 gallon buckets, or the 55 pound box or bags, then this program is a must for you. If you don’t yet order those sizes, this program does not offer a discount on the smaller pack sizes.

If you would like to learn more about this program, please email your request to barb@organic-creations.com. Details will then be emailed back to you.

Do You Ever Special Order Products?

If you are looking for a certain item that we don’t yet carry, please email us. We often have products that haven’t yet made it to our website. If we don’t yet carry what you are looking for, but we can source it for you … we will require a 100% up-front payment before the item is ordered. We also do not do special orders for just one item, meaning you have to add a specially ordered item to an existing order of products already sold on our website.

Will You Send Me Free Samples?

Each order placed will receive a free sample of our discretion. These samples are selected at random.

We ask if you have a specific item that you do NOT want sent as a sample due to an allergy or medical related issue, please do write that information in the comments at checkout. We will do our best to accommodate any special medical need associated with our free sample program.

We do not send free samples by themselves, sorry!

C of A & MSDS Sheets

We will send any documentation that you need for the products you order. Please write in the comment section at checkout that you need (whatever specific document) and we will gladly email you this information. This way your order is not held up for documentation purposes.

Does Organic Creations, Inc. Test On Animals?

Absolutely not. We do use our products on ourselves, our children, and our own pets. Why would we stock anything that we are afraid to put on ourselves or our furry friends, first?

Do You Have a Rewards Program?

Yes, we do! Every item purchased on our website will add Rewards Points to your account.  These points can be redeemed by you, to receive a cash discount on a future order with us.  Follow these few simple directions, and you will be on your way to racking up points.

  1. Place an order using a registered account. Once this order ships from our warehouse, your points will be automatically posted inside the Account Management panel under “My Reward Points.”
  2. On your next order: Login to your account, go to Account Management, then to My Rewards Points, and follow directions on how to generate your points into a promotion code.
  3. Place items inside your cart or go to the checkout page, if you’ve already built your new cart.
  4. Your promotion code will be displayed, enter it as directed and your discount will be applied immediately.

Website, phone, fax and email orders all qualify for points, with the exception of:

  • Special ordered products (this includes items we do not carry on our website that we’ve ordered specifically for you, or customized formulations of our bases that we manufacture on your behalf)
  • Discounted volume pricing for customers who have quotes/agreements on file.
  • Orders made prior to the installation of this program.
  • Any past, current or future orders made under the guest checkout option.
  • Failure to generate your Points into a Promo Code, or failure to use your code at checkout: we will not cancel nor be able to apply points to these orders.  But think of it this way: you have a larger discount waiting for you on your next order!

What Is Your Shipping Timeframe & Policies?

The current date we are shipping from is always posted on the homepage of our website. We are often asked why our shipping times are sometimes different from other companies, and we’d like you to know the following information about our companies procedures:

  1. We do not simply buy in bulk and repack like most of our competitors do. We hand manufacture a great deal of our products, in small batches, often on a per-order basis. This ensures that your product is completely fresh, and you can trust that it hasn’t been sitting on a shelf waiting to be sold.
  2. We do not heat our raw ingredients from bulk and pour them down into smaller containers, like a lot of other companies do – but rather, we hand cut them. This takes a lot more time but we feel the quality of the product will reflect a difference.
  3. Orders are filled by dates. They are hand packed and hand labeled, just for you. As stated above, this ensures your products are as fresh as possible.
  4. If speed of shipping is a big concern for you – we totally understand! However, our main focus is on fresh / quality products. We do attempt to ship as quick as possible.
  5. You will be able to view your shipping rates before finalizing your order. Some items cannot be shipped by US mail because of their size or the “flash point” of the product. Our cart is smart, and will offer shipping carriers based on the products you are looking to purchase.

Transit times will vary depending upon the carrier selected at checkout. More information on this topic is provided at checkout.

International Customers: Yes, we ship internationally. Our cart is smart and will quote you shipping rates based on your location. Please do not ask for private carrier shipping outside of the US. We use only the US postal system and FedEx.

Can I Phone In My Order?

Yes! The information is provided below for you:

Phone Orders: 360-869-7900

Email Orders: barb@organic-creations.com

We do allow for “will call” for local customers. More information is posted in the Terms and Conditions at checkout. Please note that we are located in Winock, Washington and accept will call customers: Monday – Friday from 8:30am to 3:30pm. In order to place a Will Call order, you must be able to collect it from our facility between the days and times stated above.

If you have questions regarding damaged freight, return policy, order addition or cancellations, please refer to our Terms and Conditions. You are also able to view this link and must agree to it, at checkout when finalizing your order.

Thank you very much for your valued business!

Please note the Terms & Conditions link (above) should be a link to our Order Policies page.