Rewards Program

Every item purchased on our website will add Rewards Points to your account. These points can be redeemed by you, to receive a cash discount on a future order with us. Follow these few simple directions, and you will be on your way to racking up points.

  • Place an order using a registered account. Once this order ships from our warehouse, your points will be automatically posted inside the Account Management panel under “My Reward Points.”
  • On your next order: Login to your account, go to Account Management, then to My Rewards Points, and follow directions on how to generate your points into a promotion code.
  • Place items inside your cart or go to the checkout page, if you’ve already built your new cart.
  • Your promotion code will be displayed, enter it as directed and your discount will be applied immediately.

Website, phone, fax and email orders all qualify for points, with the exception of:

  • Special ordered products (this includes items we do not carry on our website that we’ve ordered specifically for you, or customized formulations of our bases that we manufacture on your behalf)
  • Discounted volume pricing for customers who have quotes/agreements on file.
  • Orders made prior to the installation of this program.
  • Any past, current or future orders made under the guest checkout option.
  • Failure to generate your Points into a Promo Code, or failure to use your code at checkout: we will not cancel nor be able to apply points to these orders. But think of it this way: you have a larger discount waiting for you on your next order!