Facial Serum, Hydrating & Lifting

Our Facial Serum, Hydrating & Lifting, provides a lightweight moisturizing treatment that is suitable for either day or night.

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Our Facial Serum, Hydrating & Lifting, provides a lightweight moisturizing treatment that is suitable for either day or night.  Wear it under your makeup or apply it as your final step in your skincare regime at night.  No matter how you choose to use it, our carefully selected ingredients will leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

This formulation contains a blend of Reishi and Shiitake mushroom extracts. Together, these ingredients work to brighten the skin, help fade age spots, and temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We’ve added in Papaya Leaf Hydrosol water for its naturally occurring antioxidant values.  For hydration, we’ve included Almond Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, and a dash of Glycerin.  It’s balanced off with vitamins B3, B5, B6, and vitamin E for their toning and skin-nourishing benefits.

For re-sellers & Formulators: 

The base for our Facial Serum, Hydrating & Lifting holds a neutral scent. It can be complemented with essential oils if desired or sold as-is. Just remember that EOs and fragrances around the eyes can be irritating, so adjust your usage guidelines accordingly.  If you do choose to scent this product, we recommend adding no more than 0.5% by weight. You will need to use a stick blender at high speed in order to whip the scent into this formulation.  A handout comes with all our bases which explains sanitation guidelines and gives some good GMP guidelines for re-sellers.  This base should be used up within 12 months of purchase.

Facial Serum, Hydrating & Lifting Application Tips:

Starting with clean skin, dispense a very small amount onto dry fingers. Moving in circular motions, apply a thin layer concentrating on the areas around the eyes, mouth, forehead, and neck.  Allow to dry naturally, do not wash off.


The 1 oz. and 2 oz. sizes come in a frosted glass bottle with a treatment pump. The 1/2 gallon and up come in plastic bottles with pumps for easy dispensing into bottles and jars.

Ingredients: * Reishi mushroom hydrosol water, * Papaya leaf hydrosol water, * Shiitake mushroom extract, * Almond Oil, * Unrefined Evening Primrose Oil, * Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol NF, ^ Xanthan gum, Vitamin b3, Vitamin b5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Propanediol (and) Ethylhexyl glycerin (and) potassium sorbate.

(*) denotes a certified organic ingredient.  (^) denotes an approved ingredient for USDA certified organic formulations.


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Made with 84% Certified Organic Ingredients

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