Toffee Mineral Foundation

Designed for medium to dark skin tones, our Toffee Mineral Foundation goes on smooth and provides long-lasting coverage.

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Designed for medium to dark skin tones, our Toffee Mineral Foundation goes on smooth and provides long-lasting coverage. This product comes in a clear, round container with a screw-on top. It has “sifter” holes inside the container for easy product dispensing. Please read the following information, which explains what to expect and how to apply mineral cosmetics.

About Our Mineral Cosmetics: Many store-bought cosmetics are full of preservatives, and ingredients that can be quite unkind to the skin. We’ve found that they often contain bismuth oxychloride that is a cheap, bulk-filler. This ingredient adds a “shine” to foundations that many women dislike. It is also a known skin irritant that does nothing to improve the surface layers of the skin. Our formulas do NOT contain bismuth oxychloride. If you’ve ever tried a mineral foundation that irritated your skin, it may have been formulated with this ingredient.

It’s our experience that with continued use of our mineral products, such as the toffee mineral foundation, you’ll find that the condition of your skin may improve. This is because we formulate our Toffee Mineral Foundation with high-quality, skin-healing ingredients. You also generally need less makeup than typical products … thus you achieve a more natural presentation.

Directions for Application:

To apply our Toffee Mineral Foundation: using a wide brush, apply a small amount of foundation powder in circular motions. Allow the first layer to set for a few seconds. Apply as many layers as needed until your desired color is achieved. Some women like to set their foundation with a fine mist spray (lavender or rose hydrosol water work well) though others find that their natural skin oils set their make-up just fine.


The trial size will arrive in a small baggie, that will last you several applications.

The 5-gram size will arrive in a clear, round container with a sifter top for easy product dispensing.

Our Ingredients:

* Mica: natural minerals that reflect light from the face, creating the appearance of a smoother, softer, and more radiant skin tone.

* Titanium Dioxide is a natural element used in sunscreens for its ability to block UV rays. Due to its natural white color, it adds a light-reflective quality to our products.

* Zinc Oxide: used in combination with titanium dioxide in sunscreens, it’s also an excellent UV inhibitor. It also holds skin healing benefits that soothe inflamed and irritated skin as well as help with skin cell regeneration.

* Magnesium Stearate: an ingredient used in the medical field for producing tablet coatings. It is used in baby powders and other free-flowing products, as an anti-caking agent, providing a smooth, finished appearance.

* Iron Oxides: colorants used in mineral cosmetics that provide various shades and tones.


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