Witch Hazel Hydrosol Water

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This hydrosol water is steamed distilled in small batches in-house, on our own specialized equipment. Because we steam in such small lots, this practically guarantees that your waters are super fresh, or steamed just for your order!

Hydrosol waters can be used in lotions, creams, bath preparations or straight on the skin. They provide mild tonic and skin cleansing properties and are generally safe for all skin types. We manufacture our waters with their therapeutic value to the skin and body in mind, we do not market our waters as a scent additive – though of course all waters will have a unique scent …. some will be significantly lighter in scent than others will – this is because of the plant material they are steamed from. If you are looking for a scent additive for your formulation that is water based, I would suggest checking out our Essential Water categories instead of hydrosol waters if you are looking for a spot on scent that matches essential oil. Essential waters are designed to add a scent “throw” into your formulations, whereas hydrosol waters are designed more for their benefits to the skin — their natural scent is just a bonus.

Witch hazel is widely used in countless beauty care products. It is naturally astringent making it an exceptional choice to use as a skin toner, or add to facial cleanser or haircare formulations.  It is one of the most diversified “tools” to have in your natural medicine cabinet.

Most commercially made witch hazel contains at least a 13% alcohol base by volume. Although our product may smell medicinal to some people, it does NOT contain any alcohol, it’s simply 100% pure distilled witch hazel.   Alcohol can be drying to the skin, and since witch hazel is designed by nature to relieve dry skin – we put in the extra time to extract its benefits using steam methods — not alcohol.

Try making your own skin toner! Simply fill any size bottle with equal parts of witch hazel, your choice of any other hydrosol water and a bit of aloe vera juice. Shake it up, and apply to clean face and neck. Its that simple, and it works great!

INCI: (unpreserved) Hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) hydrosol water.

INCI: (preserved) Hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) hydrosol water, propanediol, ethylhexyl glycerin, potassium sorbate.

We use a combination of certified organic bark and leaves to create this unique formulation.

Preservative Option: This product will arrive 100% preservative free, unless you select to add the optional preservative when ordering.

It’s our opinion that all hydrosol waters should be preserved as close to the manufacture date as possible. Hydrosol waters are fragile and if they become contaminated, mold and bacteria can lead to serious health risks. A well researched preservative is better than the risks of using/selling non-preserved ingredients.

Shelf Life: Without the preservative, they should be used within 3 months and stored in the refrigerator or a cool location. With the preservative option included, they should be used up within a year of purchase or added to a formulation which will contain further preservatives.

About Linatural: We preserve at 1%. If you would like the optional preservative added to your water, please first select “yes” then select the size of bottle you wish to order. If you would like to learn more about this preservative, Linatural

Organic Certification: The USDA only certifies agricultural ingredients. If you select ‘yes’ to add Linatural to extend the shelf life, this item can no longer be considered a certified organic ingredient and will arrive to you without the certification seals on the label.

4oz, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz – Plastic bottles
1/2 & 1 gallon – Plastic jug
5 gallon – bucket with pour spout top


Pack Size Approx. Product Weight
1/2 gallon 4.2 lbs.
1 Gallon 8.4 lbs.
5 Gallon 40 lbs.

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Certified Organic, Non-Irradiated, GMO-Free

Extraction Method

Steam Distilled

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