Ginger Root Extract


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Our tinctures are a concentrated, liquid extract of plant material. Ginger Root Extract, like our other tinctures, are easy to use. They are often more convenient than extracting the plant material yourself.

In this version, we have extracted the benefits of ginger root into an alcohol base.  Ginger contains 40 naturally occurring antioxidant properties that help prevent free radical damage and protect our skin against the signs of aging. With prolonged use, Ginger Root Extract can also help even out skin tones (hyperpigmentation issues), and improve elasticity.

Customers can add Ginger Root Extract into facial washes, lotions, creams, as well as any formulation that will accept an alcohol-based extract. Simply add a ratio of 1-5%.

This product is designed for external use only.

Miscible in water.

Ingredients: Zingiber officinale (ginger) root, extracted into alcohol.

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