Vitamin E Acetate (Non-GMO)

Vitamin E Acetate (Non-GMO) is most often used as an antioxidant in carrier oils and oil-based formulations.

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This version of Vitamin E is D-alpha tocopheryl acetate. Vitamin E Acetate (Non-GMO) is most often used as an antioxidant in carrier oils and oil-based formulations. Though vitamin E is typically thought to be a preservative system, it really isn’t.  Antioxidants are used to slow down the breakdown of fats into smaller molecules. Whereas a preservative is added to aquatic formulations to inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold. So in a lotion or cream formulation, you would need both vitamin E and a water-soluble preservative such as Linatural, in order to give your formulation a good long shelf life.

To help prolong the quality of your more expensive carrier oils, simply add a 1 to 2% addition of Vitamin E Acetate (Non-GMO) directly into the bottle and shake well.  Not only will the oil now hold a more stable shelf life, but the topical benefits of vitamin E will be passed directly into your formulations.

This oil is clear, with a mild taste and typical vitamin E odor.

Breakdown:  100% D-alpha tocopheryl acetate.  Non-GMO.

INCI:  D-alpha tocopheryl acetate

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