Tamanu Oil, Conventional

This Tamanu Oil, Conventional, is cherished for its anti-inflammatory benefits. It is said to help with the healing of burns, insect bites, cuts and scar tissue. Unrefined. Cold Pressed. Cosmetic Grade.

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Women of the South Pacific Islands use this Tamanu Oil, Conventional, in their own personal beauty care as well as for its medicinal benefits. It has been proven that Tamanu Oil helps with the formation of new cells and skin tissue.  When applied topically it aides in the healing of burns, insect bites, minor cuts, scar tissue, stretch marks, the list just goes on and on. This oil is so mild and gentle, it’s used by the people of the South Pacific as a diaper rash cream.  One last tip: if you have the hair type that enjoys having oil applied to it, try a bit of this on a comb and work through – it’s perfect on the hair!

A few years ago, Dr. Oz ran a segment on how Tamanu Oil assists with fighting the bacteria associated with acne, and this makes sense to us!  It’s suggested as being anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial.  If you google the YouTube show with Dr. Oz you can also see testimony of certain Hollywood stars that connect their youthful appearance to using this oil on a daily basis.

A precious little of this oil goes a long way. It holds a very nutty, but pleasant scent and is absorbed through the skin or hair very quickly. It is said that people who are allergic to nut oils should avoid using this product, as Tamanu is a nut.

I’ve seen various grades of Tamanu Oil, Conventional, sold on the market, and of course I enjoy ours the best.  We carry a version that is literally the first pressing of the nuts – it doesn’t even get filtered – there is absolutely no refining of this oil performed on it.  This means: its thick, might have tiny “chunky” pieces in it, it definitely smells strongly of tamanu nuts (some people do not like this scent … I do!), and in a cold room it is not pourable – but it is scoopable.  If you plan to use it directly on your skin – no worries, it melts readily with body heat.

Cultivation: Wild harvested.  This means that this plant material was found in areas that were not from a farmed plantation, most often well away from highly populated areas, making it an extremely nil risk of being chemically treated.  In our opinion wild harvested products are sometimes better than organic, because it was grown entirely by nature without the intervention of mankind.

INCI: Calophyllum inophyllum (tamanu) oil


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Unrefined, Virgin, Cold Pressed

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