Benzoin Gum Extract


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Our tinctures are a concentrated, liquid extract of plant material.  They are easy to use, and often more convenient than extracting the plant material yourself.

In this version we have extracted the benefits of benzoin gum into an alcohol base.

This mild and natural preservative is manufactured through an extraction process from benzoin gum resin. It can be incorporated into any aquatic beauty care recipe to help complete a preservative system. Your own testing would need to be performed as to its effectiveness, and we at Organic Creations still feel that a full spectrum preservative such as linatural should also be used in conjunction when dealing with fully natural preservatives such as benzoin extracts.

Benzoin gum is used in the perfume industry as a scent fixative and stabilizer, similar to orris root. Please be aware that the extract of benzoin certainly holds its natural pleasant scent which can be smelled in this tincture. 

This product is designed for external use only. Use at a ratio of 3-5% to be an effective preservative. Safe to use in conjunction with other preservatives as well.

Miscible in water.

INCI: Strax tonkinensis (benzoin), (and) alcohol.

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