Coconut Oil, 76 Degree

This semi-solid oil is high in saturated fats making it a terrific choice for homemade bar soaps, shaving lathers and ointment bases. It is also food-grade, and organic and makes a wonderful and healthy frying oil.

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This version of Coconut Oil holds a melting point of around  76 degree.  It neither smells like nor tastes like coconuts, as it has been deodorized.  If you are looking for the grade of coconut oil that still holds the scent and flavor, please check out our EXTRA virgin coconut oil link.

This semi-solid coconut oil 76 degree, is high in saturated fats making it the number one choice for homemade bar & liquid soaps, bubble bath, shaving lathers and so much more! It melts at 76 degrees and is white, lending a bright base color to your finished bar soaps.  Using this oil in cold process soap recipes will produce a hard bar (your soap will last longer) and it will have lots of high foaming lather.  On the downside, having too much coconut oil in your CP recipes can be drying to the skin.  This is easily solved by combining it with “soft oils” (or liquid oils) to create a well-balanced bar of soap.

Food Grade (meaning you can use this in all manners of frying and baking as well as cosmetics)

Refined / Deodorized by steam methods.

INCI:  Cocos Nucifera (coconut) oil


All sizes are packed in jars or buckets with the exception of the 44 lb. size which is will arrive in a “bag in a box.”


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Certified Organic, Non-Irradiated, GMO Free

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Cold Pressed, Refined

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