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Decyl glucoside is one of several non-ionic surfactants found within the polyglycoside family. Its obtained from the sugars and fatty alcohols found within coconuts, making it a naturally derived renewable resource.  Its these types of ingredients that provide the mild and gentle “sudsing” base for body washes, facial cleansers, shampoos, bubble bath, and other liquid cleansing formulations.

Its often that I hear, “I would never use surfactants in my formulations!” Of course it all comes down to personal preferences, and I do feel that the majority of surfactants are not suitable for skincare but that doesn’t mean that all are created equally or that all hold the same purposes in the world of cleaning and cleansing.  Since there are limited ways that one can actually “make soap” we must select the option that works best for our formulation.  You can use the lye and water method, or you can use surfactants.  Besides these two forms of soap making there are precious few other ways of making a high quality suds-ing action product.

Need to make a baby wash, or how about a pet safe shampoo? Sensitive skin formulation?  You are all pretty much covered when selecting decyl glucoside as your base. Simple blending techniques are used, just add your other water based additives and stir, adjust the pH of the finished product using either citric acid or lactic acid – thicken if desired and you are finished.  You can add oil based ingredients to surfactants … however, depending upon the ratio added you will notice a decrease in the lathering ability.  Your own testing will need to be performed as to how much oil your formulation can hold.

This product is on closeout for only one reason. The texture is a bit “thinner” than we are normally accustom to.  Once we run through our current supply we will be stocking a slightly thicker version – for the sole reason that you need slightly less thickening agents to finish a formulation’s texture.  Once we receive that new stock – we will update this listing to reflect the texture change.

This ingredient is approved for use within Whole Foods formulations, and it holds a green scale rating of “1” on the Skin Deep / EWG website.  EcoCert approved for certified organic formulations.  Sulfate free.

INCI: Decyl glucoside

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