Jasmine Fragrance Oil

This Jasmine Fragrance Oil is highly concentrated and undiluted.

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This scent is another of my all-time favorites for fragrance oils!  It’s a combination of floral with just the right amount of earth so it’s not so “floral-y.”  We’ve searched a long time for a truly realistic Jasmine Fragrance Oil, and we feel this is it!

Note for cold process soap makers: Some floral scents do tend to accelerate trace, and this one is no exception.  Try heating this oil to warm before adding to your soap, many find that this helps to slow down trace.

This Jasmine Fragrance Oil is highly concentrated and undiluted. Recommended usage is 1/2 ounce per 4 lbs. of melt & pour soap.

Please do not use this oil in lip balms. Safe for all other applications including body care and candles.

INCI: Fragrance Oil

A note about fragrance oils: We at Organic Creations, Inc. strive to list all our products with an honest environment as to what they are made of.  Fragrance oils often slip through this crack on most websites because the FDA allows them to be legally listed in the ingredient section on cosmetic labels, simply as “fragrance oil” even though they are comprised of many different ingredients.

I do not seek to explain why they have this rule, you can checkout this link if you are interested on their stand

The term fragrance oil specifically means “made of synthetic ingredients.”  Manufactures will not disclose their ingredients, by law they aren’t required to.  Some manufactures will provide information on the chemical called phthalates.  All our fragrance oils are phthalates free.

On the flip side to this debate, scent is generally the last ingredient listed on a label.  That means it’s the least added by volume, so the amount of fragrance oil that is actually in a product is extremely small. I assume this is another reason why the FDA doesn’t require their ingredients to be spelled out.

If you are against using fragrance oils in your formulations – I would suggest checking out essential oils which are made from the leaves, twigs, flowers and roots from nature.  However, if you are looking to add a scent to your formulation that is not achievable from essential oils, your only option is using a fragrance oil.  Even names that sound natural like apple, pear, mango, etc. are not natural.  It’s simply impossible to extract those scents into an essential oil base, hence why fragrance oils exist and are found in formulations all over the world.


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